Infinity Creative Agency delivers high impact and stylish Email Marketing campaigns. Email Marketing is one of the most effective way to drive brand loyalty and direct sales. Infinity Creative Agency design and manage email marketing campaigns that maintain client relationships and drive sales.

Email Marketing is one of the most efficient ways to communicate and drive traffic to your brand. The key is to make sure that your campaigns are always adapted to your target market and perfectly aligned with your brand.

What Do We Do

We will take care of the creative and the full technology implementation.

Because we understand branding and value the power of communications, you can be assure that your emails will always communicate the right impression. After all you only have a few seconds to make the right impression…

  • Driving sales
  • Build ongoing online communications
  • Cleanse your databases
  • Grow your databases and acquire new contacts
  • Help with your call to actions and business growth
  • Integrate digital communication in your marketing mix
  • Understand your market and customers
  • Provide you business intelligence with reports and statistical data at any time
  • Generate revenue by leveraging existing and unused client databases
  • Create opportunities for joint promotional campaigns to assist you to grow your databases with key strategic partner

No matter what size is your hotel’s database, we will organise the creative and the management of your database, segemented accordingdly and will send out professional email campaigns, e-newsletters and press releases, while tracking them in real-time and know that your delivery rates will be high because you have your own private IP address.

Technology Features List

Build and Manage High Quality Lists:

  • List sign-up form
  • List import
  • Automatic subscribe / unsubscribe management
  • Confirmation of opt-in subscribers
  • Manipulation and segmentation of customer information
  • Easily changeable “From” email address, and ability to include separate “Reply to” address
    Multiple sign-up forms to easily set up, launch and manage various lead capture and list growth forms.

Launch Successful Campaigns:

  • Automatically format and deliver HTML, text e-mail or multipart messages
  • Enter text using an HTML editor
  • Auto-save and recovery when creating emails
  • Choose from a selection of professional HTML e-mail templates
  • Upload and store images
  • Insert multiple mail merges

Send and Track E-Mail:

  • Target e-mails based on interests, demographics, or custom questions
  • Personalize each email automatically
  • Send yourself a preview e-mail
  • Schedule release date and time
  • Track and flag invalid e-mail addresses automatically
  • Export list information
  • Get live tracking reports
  • Easy integration with Google Analytics

Advanced Features Include:

  • Multiple lists & custom fields
  • Supports multiple account users (with ability to restrict exports)
  • Tagging capabilities to organize blasts and messages
  • Date-based Triggered automated messages (also called Autoresponders)
  • A/B split e-mail testing capabilities
  • UTF-8 Character support allows you to send messages in all languages

Insight – Vision – Creativity

Due to the privacy and confidentiality of our strategic work we do not share our client’s name or projects with the rest of the world. If you are interested to know how we can assist you, simply click on the button below to request our Portfolio!