You don’t need a logo, you need a brand…

a brand to lead the future. We are a specialist branding agency, working with clients from across the world. We work through the emotional and rational aspects of target market purchase decision factors and ensure the processes our designers apply, reflect and build on those factors.

Brand Expression encompass a lot more than the design of a logo and related corporate identity. They include every touchpoint the target market experiences; that includes packaging design, website design, and print. Good branding means getting everything right including the visual expression of your brand.

Brand Expression is a language

Your Brand must speak to people directly with great meaning. There are no rules, except that your choices should reflect all the ideas that make up your brand, integrated into a single authentic visual style that is consistent with your personality. If your brand is dedicated to personal service, then it should visually reflect that with warmth and people. If, on the other hand, your brand is about efficiency and reliability, it will have a cooler personality, like many technology manufacturers.

Creating an emotional link

The photography we choose is very important. The style of the images, the way they are composed and what they feature, say important things about the nature of your brand personality. Consumers respond emotionally to the aggregation of these many small impressions. Most of the visual choices you make will create these emotional impressions, which need to be aligned with your Brand Personality and consistent over time. This is especially important in our increasingly visual world where photography and videos dominate social media. With a single picture a brand can tell its complete story, from it’s purpose and mission to its proof of delivery.

Brand Consistency

You cannot have one brand on your website and another, different brand in your advertising. People will notice the inconsistency and will leave an impression of inauthenticity. Every touch point should be part of this alignment and the consistency that it produces. This extends to even the scripts your customer service are using and the way they speak.

Once all of these elements have been decided, Infinity Creative Agency will prepare your Brand Style Guide to maintain the consistency.The purpose of this document is to give clear direction on what fits the brand and what does not. It specifies, the typefaces you use, the style of writing, the way the logo can be featured and much more. It is also useful to provide a version of this document to employees.

Insight – Vision – Creativity

Due to the privacy and confidentiality of our strategic work we do not share our client’s name or projects with the rest of the world. If you are interested to know how we can assist you, simply click on the button below to request our Portfolio!